Sunday, September 7, 2008

Book Banning

Apparently Mayor Palin in 96 asked the city librian if she would be all right with censoring library books, should she be asked to. Librarian Mary Ellen Emmons told Mayor Palin she would definitely not be all right with it.

A few months later the Librarian was fired.

According to Palin she was not fired over the censorship but because Ms Emmons did not fully support her.

Public support (woot for us!) for the Librarian was so great that Palin relented.

What makes Palin a wolf in sheep's clothing is her lying to the press about what really took place. Her take was that this transaction was simply a policy discussion with a department head about "understanding and following administrative agendas" and that the firing letter was "just a test of loyalty."

Sound like a familiar tone (think Bush's Justice Department and the EPA)? What you are allowed to do as a public servant is only what our agenda allows comrade!

Let me be clear on this. McCain is not the problem. I honestly feel that he would put country first. But, as her as the VP, his death gives the religious right and neo-cons everything they need to further their agenda.

It's not about higher taxes, victory or retreat, or midnight basketball. It is about a group wanting the United States to be a theocracy - in the way they see God's wants and needs being implemented and the other no holds access to do what ever they want.

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