Thursday, September 30, 2010


In case you haven't been following this story, some pasty christain Assistant AG for the state of Michigan - Andrew Shirvell - has been actively speaking out against Michigan Student Assembly President Chris Armstrong since shortly after his election in March and maintains a blog called “Chris Armstrong Watch,” where he criticizes what he calls the MSA president’s “radical homosexual agenda.” 

OMG! this Shirvell guy is a douche bag.  And he was hired to represent the people of the state of Michigan?

Can you get a guy any more stupid sounding than him?  The Michigan courts must roll their eyes when this guy stands up to speak.  Who would hire a guy like this, I mean he could not have interviewed well.

Well it turns out ol' Shirvell was a  political supporter of the "family values" AG, Mike Cox.  'Family Values' seems to be a synonym for bigot, bully, idiot.

CNN's Anderson Cooper seems to allude that Shirvell's fixation and obsession about Mr. Armstrong borders on something akin to a jilted lover, but Shrivell has been obsessed with gays before Mr. Armstrong was even out of high school, unless......

Apparently back in 2005, the rainbow flag on pizza restaurant door made him see all the colors of the spectrum.
Shirvell said Maurice Grillo, one of the owners at NYPD, told him that an incident of some sort involving the gay community “forced his hand.”
Grillo said in an interview that he was never pressured to hang the sticker on his door by anyone and that Shirvell may have misunderstood what he told him.  “It was just a decision,” Grillo said. “There was absolutely no pressure whatsoever. I just felt like it was the right thing to do. If we feel like taking it down — we will.”

If you ask me, Shirvell has exhibited all the signs of a gay man in denial.  

Accept it Shirvell, then move on.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red Skelton's misunderstood attempt to explain the pledge

My cousin sent me a link of a video with Red Skelton telling his audience about what the words of the pledge of allegiance meant.

Now I always like Red Skelton having watched his show on TV when I was a kid.  So I click the link and it brings me to a Facebook page called Media Causes with this little blurb about the video:
Red Skelton--from his television show in 1969 WOW ! Just think, he said this on his television show in 1969 and really had no clue it would ever come about. SAD, isn't it? What a wonderful and worthwhile clip to watch and share with all your friends and acquaintances!
I should have known from that blurb what I was being set up to watch.

Now don't misunderstand me on this, Red Skelton's words and feeling were beautiful, and even his comment at the end was OK, because it was heartfelt and he was trying to call for some understanding and reasoning regarding his concern.  He was subtle and gentle and so not like the in your face lets force God down everyone's throat bible-thumpers out in force lately.

But wanting a deeper understanding of the words in the pledge was not why the person who posted this video did so.  Instead it was to bolster the same old tired whining of "we can't do anything anymore because it upsets a few people and we are going to hell in a hand basket because we can't say "God."

Case in point, look at all the silly-ass comments posted.
do we really like where we are going in this country?
How times have changed!!!! 
Let reunite and bring it back
Put Christ back in the schools and watch this country turn around for the better! God bless the U.S.A.
I agree with Holly its way past time to take our country back. The government works for us, we are not suppose to work for them. I'm afraid if this country keeps going in the direction it is, we will all be standing in a line waiting for our bread and toilet paper. REMEMBER, ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Not Obama.
please watch and really listen and think.... back in 1969 he was trying to make a point... IF ONLY WE COULD DO THIS TODAY WE AND OUR CHILDREN WOULD BE DIFFERENT...

So my question is: What do you want to take your country back to?

I found a picture of those good ol' days showing just how well saying the pledge of allegiance and praying every day in public schools worked in Little Rock back then:


No they wouldn't.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It would be the same only if you allow it to be

The conversation goes like this:
Steve's on the line with us from Norman, Oklahoma.
STEVE (Caller): Hello. I just want to make a comment about putting that mosque next to the World Trade Center site. I live in Oklahoma, and obviously, that was a big event in everybody's lives. And it would be just the same as putting a Ryder truck rental right across the street from the new federal building. It's inappropriate, and I just don't think it should happen.
(Neil) CONAN: Steve, you know it's not a mosque, and it's not across the street.
STEVE: Well, still, you know, it's close. You know...
CONAN: How close is too close? It's two blocks away, can't see it.
STEVE: Well, you need to have some I'm a firefighter for the city of Oklahoma City, and I just - stuff like that, symbolic stuff like that, it just really gets to the core of all of us.
It would be easy to make fun of Steve, to disregard him, to ridicule his lack of insight, but that would be disrespectful on my part.  What one can see - if one looks - is a guy troubled with what seems on one hand to be very wrong and on the other an uncertainty as to why.

He does not understand the why, he just knows there is a feeling of it being wrong.  He can't articulate it because it stands on both sides of the aisle.  It is both wrong and should not be wrong all at the same time.

Because if you really think about it, the placement of the Islamic center is really no different than putting a Ryder truck rental sign right across the street from where the Murrah Building.  Both had nothing to do with the culprits responsible for the act - but both are seen as an welcomed reminder.

And therein lies the problem for guys like Steve. For me, I can understand how Steve feels, and I can give credence to the example he gave.  But I choose to move past that and accept the other truth in play.  That despite how inappropriate it looks, the real harm is to punish the one who's only guilt is by association.