Thursday, September 30, 2010


In case you haven't been following this story, some pasty christain Assistant AG for the state of Michigan - Andrew Shirvell - has been actively speaking out against Michigan Student Assembly President Chris Armstrong since shortly after his election in March and maintains a blog called “Chris Armstrong Watch,” where he criticizes what he calls the MSA president’s “radical homosexual agenda.” 

OMG! this Shirvell guy is a douche bag.  And he was hired to represent the people of the state of Michigan?

Can you get a guy any more stupid sounding than him?  The Michigan courts must roll their eyes when this guy stands up to speak.  Who would hire a guy like this, I mean he could not have interviewed well.

Well it turns out ol' Shirvell was a  political supporter of the "family values" AG, Mike Cox.  'Family Values' seems to be a synonym for bigot, bully, idiot.

CNN's Anderson Cooper seems to allude that Shirvell's fixation and obsession about Mr. Armstrong borders on something akin to a jilted lover, but Shrivell has been obsessed with gays before Mr. Armstrong was even out of high school, unless......

Apparently back in 2005, the rainbow flag on pizza restaurant door made him see all the colors of the spectrum.
Shirvell said Maurice Grillo, one of the owners at NYPD, told him that an incident of some sort involving the gay community “forced his hand.”
Grillo said in an interview that he was never pressured to hang the sticker on his door by anyone and that Shirvell may have misunderstood what he told him.  “It was just a decision,” Grillo said. “There was absolutely no pressure whatsoever. I just felt like it was the right thing to do. If we feel like taking it down — we will.”

If you ask me, Shirvell has exhibited all the signs of a gay man in denial.  

Accept it Shirvell, then move on.

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