Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red Skelton's misunderstood attempt to explain the pledge

My cousin sent me a link of a video with Red Skelton telling his audience about what the words of the pledge of allegiance meant.

Now I always like Red Skelton having watched his show on TV when I was a kid.  So I click the link and it brings me to a Facebook page called Media Causes with this little blurb about the video:
Red Skelton--from his television show in 1969 WOW ! Just think, he said this on his television show in 1969 and really had no clue it would ever come about. SAD, isn't it? What a wonderful and worthwhile clip to watch and share with all your friends and acquaintances!
I should have known from that blurb what I was being set up to watch.

Now don't misunderstand me on this, Red Skelton's words and feeling were beautiful, and even his comment at the end was OK, because it was heartfelt and he was trying to call for some understanding and reasoning regarding his concern.  He was subtle and gentle and so not like the in your face lets force God down everyone's throat bible-thumpers out in force lately.

But wanting a deeper understanding of the words in the pledge was not why the person who posted this video did so.  Instead it was to bolster the same old tired whining of "we can't do anything anymore because it upsets a few people and we are going to hell in a hand basket because we can't say "God."

Case in point, look at all the silly-ass comments posted.
do we really like where we are going in this country?
How times have changed!!!! 
Let reunite and bring it back
Put Christ back in the schools and watch this country turn around for the better! God bless the U.S.A.
I agree with Holly its way past time to take our country back. The government works for us, we are not suppose to work for them. I'm afraid if this country keeps going in the direction it is, we will all be standing in a line waiting for our bread and toilet paper. REMEMBER, ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Not Obama.
please watch and really listen and think.... back in 1969 he was trying to make a point... IF ONLY WE COULD DO THIS TODAY WE AND OUR CHILDREN WOULD BE DIFFERENT...

So my question is: What do you want to take your country back to?

I found a picture of those good ol' days showing just how well saying the pledge of allegiance and praying every day in public schools worked in Little Rock back then:


No they wouldn't.


Kevin said...

bloody brilliant..your point reminds me of the photo of Kent university student that was shot as well as another one of African Americans set against an ad for Pontiacs, with of course, a white family in the car. the poster in that instance was saying how great life was in a Pontiac while these African Americans i believe were inline for a soup kitchen. your right on the fact that going back is not the best thing, or so great. Its the same way in that book I gave you a long time ago, called looking backwards. and with the Kent example, people that hold that mindset of the past is better apparently dont seem to understand history that well.

Anonymous said...

Well put