Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chevy Camaro plays "hide the battery."

Enterprise Rental Car gave me a 2012 Camaro to drive this last week.  Felt like a guy in a midlife crisis, but what the heck.

So being from that generation where muscle cars ruled, we popped the hood to take a look at the engine.

Hey, where is the battery?

Let's look in the owner's manual...

...under "battery" which just seemed logical to us.

OK...turn to page "10-30"....

Says turn to page 10-6 for battery location...

Which tells you to....

Go to page 10-30!

So where is the battery?  Nothing in the manual tells you where it is (we're not that stupid - we figured it was in the trunk or under the back seat).

Aha!  Google search!

Which leads me to a site called "MotorZ" that tells me it is in the trunk, and this gives this warning:
Don’t shut that trunk!  We did this Quick Tip not because the battery is difficult to get to, but because there’s a design issue with the 2010 Camaro and I wanted to make sure Camaro owners knew about it… because I got hit with it myself.  Once you disconnect your battery, do not close your trunk! Since there is no keyhole in the trunk to open it with a key, and the push button on the driver’s door to open the trunk runs off electricity (not to mention the button on your remote won’t work either), there’s no way to open it back up!
Really?  You build a really cool car with this type of design flaw and produce a manual that is devoid of this fact as well as lending any useful information on just where that critical component is located.  

Good thing Chevy gave me four pages on how to operate my seat belt and radio knobs!



Stephane F said...

I agree not having a key hole to trunk is ridiculous but the reason for batterie low in the trunk os for weight distribution in the car every little bit makes it handle and go forwards better those are the quirks of owning a muscle car

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