Saturday, October 4, 2008

What God Wants Woman to Do

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary offers the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a concentration in homemaking. I have no problems with that, just like I have no problems in academic programs designed around dance, or art, or recreation, or anything else a person would want to explore. To deny a woman the right to pursue a path, any path, that she sees as worthwhile for her life would be wrong. So why bring this up- this woman only class - if I feel this way?

It is always about the reason, the why so to speak, that must be put out there for all the world to see. If a woman chooses to be a stay at home mom or a homemaker, or adopts the position of being 2nd or subservient to her husband, that is – and must – be allowed to take place in order for that woman to be truly free. If It is her choice, done without fear, dogma, pressure, or ignorance then you go girl! But that is not why we have this class being offered. It has nothing to do with providing as much opportunity to women as possible so that they may participate in society equally with men.

As men, society asks us to assume certain rolls, but it also puts very few constraints on the pursuits we can participate in. For woman, this is not the case. The position of Southern Baptists is that a woman may work outside the home so long as her husband agrees. So when a little girl grows up in a Southern Baptist household she faces two doors – one that will close her life off to other pursuits based on what her husband may or may not allow and the other that will provide some freedom, again at the whim of her husband. So with only two options, a Southern Baptist girl that becomes enlightened as she enters womanhood would be faced with either leaving her religion or giving up on her dreams.

Does the leadership of the Southern Baptists understand this? Yes, every dogmatic or oligarchic group since recorded time has figured this out to be a problem for the population they wish to control. Enlightenment breeds questions, questions require answers, and the answers given expose their hypocrisy. Although we can make the answers always fit our model, eventually you will run up against the brick wall of logic. Case in point: In a recent interview Rev. Akin said he supported Palin’s candidacy, arguing that while the bible speaks about the role of women in church and home, it says nothing about woman in government.

Argggg! And this guy is their leader? If, according to Rev. Akin God’s assignment to young women is” to be a homemaker,” how can Southern Baptists – who predominantly vote Republican – cast a vote for a candidate that will have a woman as his vice president? A woman with five young children no less! Oh this creates such a dilemma! Doesn’t Timothy 2:12 have Paul say “I permit no woman to teach or have authority over a man?” [that smell you detect is their little brains on overload]

“There is no disconnect or inconsistency whatsoever” Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission is quoted as saying. “We do not go beyond where the New Testament goes. Public Office is neither a church, nor a marriage.” No hypocrisy there! And to prove my point I am sure that the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary will soon offer a new course for women wishing to assume high level government elected positions. Maybe that can be an elective after they have taken Subservient Practices 101.

Source: The Eagle, October 4, 2008

Note: The above article states that Southeastern offers this class. My research shows that they do not. It is Southwestern that offers the class. I will hold that the quoted statements are true until I find out otherwise.


Hutch said...

Wrong school President and school. Check your facts.

Jeff said...

Based on a story from

I will look into this

Jeff said...

Ok, just checked.

Daniel L. Akin (born January 2, 1957) is the current president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary offers the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a concentration in homemaking.

proudpappa said...

The context of women teaching is clearly within the context of the teaching of the Scriptures and doctrine. There is no inconsistency in saying a woman can be vice president but she cannot be my pastor. This is what the Scriptures, read normally, that is without twisting them to fit an agenda, say quite plainly.

When the Scriptures addresses issues of women in leadership, it is not about political office but about the home and the church. The Scriptures say in Titus 2 that women are to be literally "workers at home." Then, a few verses later, it says "likewise" and gives instructions to younger men. Both men and women are to be workers on the home front. This is not to the exclusion of other work. Indeed, Proverbs 31 depicts a godly woman as involved in politics and very much so a "cosmopolitan woman." It is true, of course, that wives are to let their husbands lead, but it is also true that husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church. At the end of the day, the man will be held accountable for how well he has led his family in a moral, spiritual, and great commission sense of assessing leadership.

If you have a problem with above position, your problem is not with an oligarchy with a chauvinist agenda; your problem is with the Lord God Almighty who reveals Himself in His inerrant Word.