Friday, April 17, 2009


Again with the listening to a lower dial FM christian radio station……

I can’t help myself, I just know they are going to say something stupid, wrong, or both. This time they had a “christian” lawyer on discussing the ACLU news conference on sexting (see Note 1).

Both the host and the lawyer were in agreement with the ACLU on their stand, believing that the incident was best left to the parents and not the courts. Yay! for the ACLU! But alas, it was short lived.

“….the hypocrisy of the ACLU is just astounding, how can they defend a teenagers right to have an abortion without a parent’s consent and then with this sexting case side with the parents?”

OK, I am not going to speak for the ACLU, I am not associated with the organization so I can’t claim to represent what they are all about. However, I am pretty sure that they will agree with me on this.

The ACLU does not care about the person who is their client or for whom they wish to represent. The person involved is irrelevant to why they take the case on. If we are going to be a Nation of laws, and that law is predicated on individual rights, then a violation of those rights is wrong regardless of how heinous, dastardly, despicable, or morally repugnant the issue or client may be.

This is why the ACLU will side with, and against, churches, parents, the government, and the majority. They offer the same defense of rights for the child-murdering rapist as they do for guys like Rush Limbaugh (see Note 2).

You may not like who they represent, but they really do have our best interests at stake, unless of course you no longer want to have a Bill of Rights you communist socialist swine!


Note 1: The event in question was referring to a “Columbus news conference, lawyers from the ACLU and Ohio State University said that no Ohioan has been convicted of a felony yet, but lives could be ruined if underage youths have to register as sex offenders for sharing nude or semi-nude photos or video. “

Note 2: Really? Rush Limbaugh? “….[the] Florida branch [of the ACLU] filed a "friend-of-court" motion on behalf of Limbaugh arguing state officials were wrong in seizing his medical records for their drug probe. "For many people, it may seem odd that the ACLU has come to the defense of Rush Limbaugh," said in a released statement. "But we have always said that the ACLU's real client is the Bill of Rights, and we will continue to safeguard the values of equality, fairness and privacy for everyone, regardless of race, economic status or political point of view," Howard Simon, ACLU of Florida Executive Director.

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