Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Abby

Back in 1960 my sister got hooked up with a man we despise. They were married - much to the chagrin of my family - and have remained married even though my father and all of my previous eight stepfathers have tried to make their lives a living hell in hopes that he would just go away.

This man has been a thorn in our family’s side for all over 50 years and we have been prohibited from visiting or having any contact with my sister at her home.

My mom has recently remarried and my new stepfather wants to try a different approach. He now tells us that my siblings and I can go visit her, even though the louse is still there. He even went so far as to travel to see my other sister who also married a bum (he even sent us a picture of the two of them smiling and shaking hands). This guy scares me!

So here is my problem; I see this new found acceptance of their marriage as a sign of weakness and I am worried that other despicable men will try to marry my other sisters or possibly come and do harm to my mom because they see him as soft. I see my new stepfather’s behavior as appeasement, however, my liberal bleeding heart brother keeps telling me that a sure sign of insanity is to keep doing something over and over expecting a different result.

Is my new stepfather a weak appeaser or is my brother right, that it is time for a different approach?


Numquam Cede!!

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