Thursday, May 28, 2009

10-10-10 = Null

I am still amazed at some peoples “brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence” (i.e. gall). Suzy Welch is out promoting her “proven strategy for making difficult decisions and clarifying life choices” which she calls 10-10-10. Why does Suzy have a lot of gall? Let’s look at it from what she says and compare it to what she did.

“We all want to lead a life of our own choosing.” Suzy chose to become involved with a married man, Jack Welch, the GE Chieftain, at the same time she was covering his business as the Harvard Business Review Editor.

“But in today’s accelerated world, with its competing priorities,” Suzy’s priority was to get corporate titan Jack Welch, a multi –millionaire.

“information overload, and confounding options,” Should Suzy put aside her journalistic integrity and have an affair with a man her employer writes about and force him into a nasty divorce or shuck it all for love!

“we can easily find ourselves steered by impulse, stress, or expedience” Oh really? Impulse and expedience played no part in this clandestine relationship that cost Suzy her job and him a $75 million dollar divorce settlement.

“Are our decisions the right ones?" No, Suzy yours were not, and I did not need the “clarifying” strategy of 10-10-10 to derive at this conclusion.

"Or are we being governed, time and time again, and against our best intentions, by the demands of the moment?" Gee golly wiz Suzy, how profound. What were your best intentions for Jack’s wife and your kids? But it does not really matter for you does it? You got a rich husband and enough stupid people out there to buy your self-help books.

“With 10-10-10, Welch proposes a transformative solution to deal with this pressure, as she shares her own life-tested strategy to help us regain control of our choices - and reclaim our lives.” Suzy, interestingly enough, designed this 10-10-10 process “a dozen year ago” – which means it must have been the life management technique she used to when starting the affair. She admits that she “failed to 10-10-10 because I was overwhelmed by events.” Which makes me wonder just how good of a “proven strategy” it could be? I mean, after all, if the inventor can’t make it work with all her smarts then why would us little folk find it a useful tool?

To me, using Suzy Welch’s 10-10-10 strategy makes about as much sense as buying a Bible edited by Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

Source 10-10-10 website and Time June 1 2009

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