Saturday, May 30, 2009


So Mel Gibson, Mr. ultra conservative Catholic, has a girlfriend while still married and now has his eighth child, this one out of wedlock, on the way. Now this type of behavior and outcome would normally get a pass from me. Not that I condone it but I am not in a position to condemn nor do I want to take that moral high road less my failings get scrutinized.

The issue with Mel is on how he has criticized Catholics for not being Catholic enough. He even went so far as to start his own church. Apparently saying the Mass in Latin is how one can truly reach God, whereas that pesky commandment dealing with adultery can be completely ignored.

“My marriage was over three years ago” he is quoted as saying. OK, them things happen, but you also took a vow in a Catholic Church, that, in the eyes of Catholics, is a sacrament. For an “old fashioned Catholic” you should know how this works. If, not - go ask your daughter the Nun.

How can a man with such high morality, so much so that he sours his friendship with Heath Ledger because of Brokeback Mountain, allow himself to not only file for divorce but boink his new girlfriend enough times to get her pregnant. How is this behavior rationalized by him in the face of all his moral outrage about non-important stuff like the selection of the Pope and Vatican II?

I will never understand how some people can be so appalled at others morality while never turning the magnifying glass on themselves, or, worst yet, forgetting about morality altogether when it no longer suits their situation. How do people like Mel reconcile this behavior when it is obvious to anyone that sees it, including their God, that it is as morally wrong as all the other behaviors they have railed against.

Moral Mel - in flagrante delicto!

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