Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pecular to Hawaii

Things you will only see in Hawaii

Since they only have twelve letters in their alphabet everything sounds similar - or gets a really long name such as the last name of a city councilman "Kaho‘ohalahala" and a fish called "humuhumunukunuku apu a'a."

They really do say "Aloha" and "Mahola."

Its called a ook-a-lay-ee not a UKE-a-lay-ee.

Everyone's banana bread has been voted "best" by someone.

Coconut bikini tops....oh yea!

Pedestrian crossing signs were the stick-man is carrying a surfboard

Men and Woman bathroom figures wearing Hawaiian shirts

Note on tourist map that states "many tourists believe that the stacks of rocks hold a special significance. There is none."

And my favorite:

"Please do not play with the poi" (it is sold in plastic bags and is really squishy. Ask me how I know)

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