Monday, February 8, 2010

Back in the saddle

Well took some time off blogging. Mainly for a couple reasons, WoW being the top reason, play WoW - don't blog. 2nd reason was finishing up my thesis, not that playing WoW was working on my thesis, its just that when I play I can put my mind on neutral (just ask my kids who play WoW with me "hey old man you paying attention!"

No, its just that writing, even a simple thing like my thoughts requires, well.... thought. I had the thesis monkey on my back and it stretched for one year longer than I wanted it to. Not from lack of effort but....lets be honest....lack of push on my end. So I buckled down and got it done.

They take a lot of work, these thesis things, especially if you want to do them right. I finally got it to a point where I felt it was good enough to put out there and if anyone reads it they will find it sound - even if they find fault in my methodology (hell I find fault in it, but you can't go back and ask for a mulligan). So today I defended - not my best public speaking, but good enough to get the signatures needed to graduate this May.

So now I can write for just the heck of it again. But since it is a new year I am going to try to make some changes to my blog-that-no-one-reads.

  1. As Conan said - Don't be cynical. Easier said then done with Sarah Palin running around loose, but still my point should be always to make a point - or counter point. To add something to think about for anyone that may stumble upon my blog.
  2. Stop calling Tea Party folk "tea baggers" That's not nice of me. "Tea bagger" will only be used to describe someone exhibiting the utmost stupidity, and no, that's not all Tea Party participants so don't even go there.
  3. Present more why they think this way and why I think it is incorrect. I want to present all sides not create an argument. Only time I will veer off is when someone says something really stupid like "when you feed them they breed." Fair warning - stupid, callous, fragilistic soundbites like that from folks we have elected to govern us will be eviscerated on what ever sharp-pointy object I can muster.

And now to rest my brain.......Level 80 Destruction Warlock loaded and ready for mindless game-play. See y'all soon.

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