Thursday, January 27, 2011

Breaks Over....On to 2011

It's the process of writing these blogs that I enjoy.  Even though no one reads them, it still is enjoyable to put my thoughts down, research a topic, find the context, and add more information to those looking to understand something a little bit more.

At the beginning of last year, I wrote about changing the tenor of my posts and moving away from being cynical and using names that do nothing to further civil discourse.  Little did I know that nine months later I would hear Jon Stewart express the same sentiments with Rachel Maddow after his Restore Sanity rally in Washington DC.

But like Stewart, I was becoming a bit dismayed by everything that I was seeing, reading , hearing, and expressing.  It was not until Stewart interviewed Ron Howard did I get my desire back to blog again.  In this interview, Stewart is almost envious of Howard's ability to not become jaded by all the bad parts of the entertainment business they are both in.  And that's when I realized, I too, was becoming jaded.

My wife has taken a hole-in-the-sand approach to what goes on.  I envy her for that ability, but I can't pretend I don't know what's going on by not looking.  I know it's there, I can't unhear or unlearn it.  And besides, i don't want to become complacent or someone who knew but did nothing to try to change things.

So I decided to take a water off a ducks back philosophy to life this year.  It's working pretty well.  Only two times have I not followed it so far.

This post is coming now after a few post I have already written.  And if I was asked why bother with a blog that know one reads, I would answer because I like the process of reasoning.  It's amazingly interconnect this big ol' world of ours.  And it is so vast and varied that there are really no absolutes.  In the beginning of this blog I wanted to help show shades of gray in a world where too many want to see only black and white.  Three years later and I still want to do the same thing.

So these next posts deal with Vietnam, Tet, Eddie Adams' famous photo, and a Medal of Honor Winner who happens to be a two star General and a Vietnam vet.  And how they all came together, what I learned, and where it leads is fascinating to me.

One thing leads to another.

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