Monday, March 29, 2010

Fix It.....Phase I

OK, being a former business owner and working for a large entity, I know the trials and tribulations of trying to get something corrected. I am really aware of how tough it can be and so I try to be nice when I finally reach the point of complaining and I give what I consider a reasonable amount of time before I follow through with another course of action.

So I reached my limit way back on 2/24/10 - which for those of you counting is about a month ago. Here is the email I sent to the TV station complaining about their poor broadcasting during the Olympics:
Re: Poor technical quality of broadcast

OK, I am going to be blunt. Watching the Olympics on your channel through SuddenLink in College Station has been brutal and I find myself yelling at the TV - which I am too young to be doing.

1. Last night, watching figure skating, young skater from Turkey, moving story of parents sacrificing everything for her, there she is on the ice and 2/3 through her routine you knuckleheads cut to an advertisement.

2. After knucklehead move we get dead air - nothing - black screen - only your channel is out. SuddenLink states its not them.

3. Tonight - advertisements not coming in at the right time, dead air only this time we get to see the peacock icon animation. Over and over again, same thing, poor placement of advertisements and local adds not coming on at the right time.

4. And my number one yell-at-the-TV issue: Get the gosh darn voices to match the lips. This has been an ongoing issue with your station not just for the Olympics. Your news cast seems to sync but the Olympics is aggravating to watch as well as the advertisements that are also out of sync.

You have some serious issues here, enough so that if it were not for the Olympics I would personally block your station so as to not have to deal with what appears to be incompetence on someone's part. Fix it or you will forever lose my eyeballs. I get the feeling that you must not watch your own station - because if you did you would find this unacceptable and would fix it. Oh, and if you want to blame SuddenLink don't bother writing me back. Fix it.
I received a phone call from their tech guy apologizing and giving me the sadsack story of "we purchased new equipment"...."digital to analog"....."I noticed it too"....."its not us its NBC."

One month later - same issue. Don't believe me? See other complaints here.

So what to do.... apparently my email to them did not stir them into action. Apparently I am the only one who complained or they really don't give a hoot about the quality of their broadcast - which in a round about way is telling me they don't care about me as a viewer of their NBC product.

I wonder if corporate NBC cares?

So today starts Phase II of "Operation Fix It." Let's see what corporate NBC has to say before I move to Phase III. They won't like Phase III, but sometimes you gotta play hardball with folks in order for them to do what they are supposed to do in the first place. Fix it!

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