Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Horse Aint Dead Yet!

Yea, OK, this Roger Ailes speech at the Bush Library has got me in a fluster. What grinds my gears is how the CEO of a company can make statements such as this. It's not media bashing that's the problem, hey his competition is weak now so kickem' to hurry it along - that's how the game is played.

No it's the "make stuff up" statistic:
"90 percent of national journalists ...... don't attend church."
That's not true, that's not what the Pew Study found or reported, but now it's out there for all the world to see. The Head of Fox News quoted a Pew Study that states 90% of Journalist do not attend church. Shouldn't he know better? Shouldn't a guy who heads a news reporting operation understand the need to check one's facts before he speaks? Or is that only what journalists are supposed to do? No, I think he knows exactly what he said and that it was false, but if it serves the greater purpose - to poison the well, then the means justifies the end.

But what end are they looking for? Two things in my opinion, one is to elevate Fox News - increasing market share and wealth for shareholders and two, to confuse just enough people so they vote the way Rupert Murdoch and his friends want them to vote.

"But they're all environmentalists"
No they are not, and you know that. you also know that non-church goers combined with environmentalist makes for a more potent poison to kill journalist and any other news source except "journalist free" Fox News.

But wait! You're not done yet!
"You can only have one god at a time. Too many journalists think they are"
Still more poison - elitist attitude, same kind them liberal professors have - you know the academic types - smart people, not like my audience of Joe Six Packs.

So mainstream media has liberal bias and Fox News - number one mind you - has no bias. None according to Mr. Ailes:
"it only appears that way because of mainstream media outlets' liberal bias"
C'mon, you got to be kidding me. You are the counter to what has always been perceived to be present. There is liberal bias because journalism attracts liberal thinking talent. That's factual but it does not mean all media is biased, because if it does then Fox News is biased as well. Your model has been to cater to the right, c'mon man its working, others are failing because they don't play to one particular audience, that is they want to keep their bias in check. That makes them boring, whereas you give your audience what you have made them want.

It's not fair and balanced in any other world than the one you and other conservatives choose to live, because in that world you have no liberal, pragmatic, enlightened, or logical thought to compare it to. Bias is always bias just as truth is always truth. Which side one leans does not alter what is factual, only perception does, and that's what has been built around the concept of Fox "News."

One day Joe Six Pack will wake up and see that a diet of candy and ice cream only made him slow and dimwitted. But for now, congratulations on your success, not only are you number one in the ratings but you can misinform just like the best of em'.

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Kevin said...

hey finally found the link. I wanted to be the first and I agree with you. Its nice to know that all the values I learned about journalism from just telling the what when where why and how are being held in tact thanks to ailes. I can't understand this and maybe i am being naive, but what do they stand to gain from misleading people other than satisfaction and control? or I guess im answering my own question, but how does society benefit from twisting and turning itself against one other let alone misinforming and devaluing education all the way to information. I probably have the answer don't I :P