Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's a phobia and you got it sister!

You know......there are a lot of really bad people reporting stuff out there. Unfortunately they all seem to have conservative as their designation.

I was trying to find a Fox News story I saw on the demise of Newsweek - but could not so I can't really discuss it without being able to cite it. So in the process I came across some woman named Debbie Schlussel.

Apparently Ms. Schlussel is a "Conservative political commentator, radio talk show host, columnist, and attorney" and according to her Encyclopedia Britannica-sized "About Debbie" she is an expert on "radical Islam/Islamic terrorism."

I was once an expert on WMD and how to properly respond, but that's a story for another time.

So here is one of her blogs (please read the comments if you want to be enlightened as to the state of understanding by those who follow these types of "experts").
Your Day in “Moderate Muslim” America
This story was about a kid in Manchester NH that threw a "bomb bag" into one of his classrooms. Now before you say OMG! let me explain that a bomb bag is nothing more than an Mylar sealed pouch filled with citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. When you break the inside bag the two mix and gas is created and the "bomb" is a pop - like a plastic bag makes. Here is a good description of how this "bomb" works.

Now nothing in the police report, or the news makes any reference to Ismael Bang (yes- that's the kid's name) being Muslim or Islamic - yet our "terrorism expert" Ms. Schlussel has put two and two together. Because "Ismael" is a Muslim name, Mr. Bang is Muslim. I kid you not, this is what she says:
Hey, kids, it’s time for another edition of “Guess the Religion.” I’m sure his name is “Ismael” just by coincidence. Probably a Wiccan or a Buddhist.
Here is a picture of Ismael Bang.

You can see "Muslim" written all over him. Here is another picture of a guy named Ismael Bang. He is a rapper- and also because of his name - a Muslim. Now if these two guys are one and the same - I have no idea - but damn! those Muslims have nice six-pack abs!

Now based on Schlussel's logic, the name denotes the religion, and the throwing of a gag bomb is just another reason why "students–and other Americans–are afraid of Islamic students."

Now here is something funny: We gave our two adult sons the same gag gift for Christmas (8 pound baby Jesus loves a good laugh) - only ours were the stink bag bombs that go bang and smell like rotten eggs. They were a buck at the dollar store (a Muslim Mecca for cheap bombs)

Since my boy's names are "Sam" and "Max" one can conclude that they must be Jewish - so when they threw the stink bag bomb into the room - it was just another example of how Jews killed Jesus and hate Christians.

And so......we conclude with her conclusion:
It’s not a phobia. It’s called “being an informed consumer.”
Yes Ms. Schlussel, it is called a phobia, and you, my good woman, are terribly misinformed, arrogant, stupid, or more than likely - all three.

Note: My boys are not Jewish just very naughty!


Kevin said...

absoluetly pathetic. Ive seen this womans video log on youtube and its all the same. How does one call themselves an expert without having a degree in the subject, let alone experience of the culture it contains and the religion itself is beyond me. Preconceived notions for your own ideological advancement is a wonderful thing. If anything, it goes to show that anyone no matter what they look like has not only the capacity to cause pain and dole out fear, but the without prescribing to any preconceived notion thereof. Whether its debbie or ishmael, perhaps you could say both are capable of spreading fear, not matter what they seem to look like.

Jeff said...

She comes from the "us and them" mentality. Xenophobic I think it's called.

Fan the flames of hate, fuel the fire with distrust. And when some poor innocent guy with a Muslim name gets killed by an angry mob she will say - "I didn't start the fire!"