Saturday, May 15, 2010

See Dick, See Dick Shill, See Dick take your money....

So Dick Morris, Clinton's one time pal and now a darling for the lunatic fringe on the right, wants to help you "protect your money and financial freedom" from:
President Barack Obama [who] is leading America down a dangerous path to socialism. But, en route, he will take us through an even longer recession than we need to have; rocketing inflation, and perhaps a second downturn to cure the inflation.

Dick Morris has "agreed to participate in a special seminar online called "The Call To Arms" hosted by my friend Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax as well as famed former CNN anchor Bob Losure."  He discloses that:
Even though they are paying me to send you this e mail; I have, in fact, invested my own money with them because I think they are onto something. We expect upwards of 250,000 people to participate.
OK, so if Dick Morris is in, I'm in!  I wonder if this is open to me too?
I want to encourage you to sign up for this "Call to Arms" online meeting. There is no charge to attend. After you sign up, they will give you FREE access to a members-only website. This site will help you protect your wealth and investments from the far-reaching hands of Barack Obama and the Democrats in Washington.
Woot!  I too can sign up for Call to Arms - just like good ol' Dick did.  So what's this call to arms thing all about?
On May 7, 2009, Newsmax hosted "A Call to Arms," a "national internet webcast" which invited viewers to pay $1,295 for a package including a year's worth of stock tips from Ruddy's "chief financial adviser." Ruddy wrote (PDF) that the "Million Dollar Secret Code" he promoted in the "Call to Arms" is based on the stock-picking of analyst David Frazier, whom Ruddy called his "private financial weapon." Ruddy stated that he was investing $1 million of Newsmax's money in the promotion, adding, "David believes he can bring a 50% to 70%-plus return over the next 12 months to this $1 million." The promotion would provide "About 36 Massive Profit/Minimum Risk Plays," in which "[y]ou will be given guidance about exactly what to buy, at what price, and how much. David Frazier will provide you with all of the research and analysis behind each recommendation. And you will get a 48-hour head start on me, before I can buy the exact same stock recommendations."
So....let's do the math

50% to 70% return on investment.  Wow - that's fantastic!  They believe in it enough to put one million of their own money into it.  Well hell - even if it only did 10% that would be pretty damn good!  If it is so good, why not sink all they have into what your "private financial weapon" has to say?  Why only one million?

They are gunning for 250,000 suckers, sorry I mean investors to fork over $1,295 bucks for "36 Massive Profit/Minimum Risk Plays."  250,000 x 1,295 = $323,750.000.

Lets say that their total capital outlay is one million dollars, with part of that going to their new friend, Dick Morris and to pay for the internet and mailing and promotion.

If, they got 10% of the 250,000 fools, sorry I mean investors to participate, that would bring in $32,375,000.

If involving Dick in this gets a 1% bite of the 250,000 idiots, sorry I mean investors they think are out there, well that's a net haul of $3,237,500.

1% of 250,000 is 2500 people that watch Fox News, are scared of Obama, and would believe that the Dick has found them away to protect their money.

2500 people is 50 from each state (probably more from Alaska and Arizona)

So if it costs a million bucks for them to put on this promotion, and they give advice and inform you of the risk, no laws will be broken and they will make 3.2 million dollars.

1 million invested as per Call to Arms = $750,000 maximum potential return

1 million invested IN the Call to Arms scheme = $3,237,500 potential based on 1% of the 250,000 targets they have set their sights on.

I wonder which path ol' Dick went for?  He does not say he is following their advice just that he "invested my own money with them because I think they are onto something."

You do the math.....

C'mon people use your head not Dick!

Source: Media Matters

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