Saturday, May 8, 2010

Things a Good Christian Man Does

Allen Academy, Bryan Texas, has hired Dave Bliss, you know, the ex-Baylor guy who threw one of his dead players under the bus in an effort to cover up his own wrongdoing.
"He's a great coach and a great Christian" says Former Allen Trustee Dennis Goehiring.

"What happened at Baylor was an unfortunate situation in an otherwise sterling career" says Lynn Hickey former Texas A&M head coach of the woman's team.
Poor coach bliss - well not really, he just got a nice job while he waits out his 10 year penalty to coach in NCAA. Prediction: in 2015 Coach Bliss will leave Allen Academy.

So he is repentant, sorry, "suffered tremendous consequences" - but should he be the coach for young kids? It's not making a mistake that should ever prevent another chance. It is the type of mistake that really needs to be looked at. In my opinion "despicable" behavior is not a one time event, especially for a "Christian man."

We send kids home from Texas A&M with felonies for marijuana possession preventing them from ever moving forward in their career. We discharge top grade military folk who we find out are gay. We charge 18 year old kids as sex offenders because their underage girlfriend's parents did not like their daughters boyfriend when he was under 18.

And yet, Coach Bliss will be allowed to coach young children - well at least until 2015 when he will take a better job coaching a little bit older young people.

Kind of harsh aren't we there Jeff? Yes - yes I am. Lets look at what he did:
  • Patrick Dennehy's [murdered Baylor Basketball Palyer] girlfriend had told them Bliss paid for the sections of Dennehy and Herring's tuition not covered by financial aid.
  • Bliss confessed to making the payments, estimated at $7,000—a major violation of NCAA rules.
  • Two members of Baylor's 2001-02 squad told the Dallas Morning News that Bliss and several members of his staff had been present at a pickup game involving star recruit Harvey Thomas during his official visit to Baylor—another major NCAA rules violation.
  • It also emerged that Bliss and his staff knew about rampant marijuana and alcohol abuse among Baylor players, but did not follow procedures for reporting failed drug tests.
  • After Bliss resigned [from Baylor], it emerged that he had told players to make up a story about Dennehy being a drug dealer in order to pay for his tuition. The story was intended to serve as a cover-up for Bliss paying Dennehy's tuition. The conversations were tape-recorded by one of Bliss' assistants, Abar Rouse. Bliss had threatened to fire Rouse if he didn't go along with the scheme, leading Rouse to record the conversations.
Maybe he has re-evaluated his life and really understands his despicable actions. Only God knows what's in his heart. Soon the kids at Allen Academy will get all the benefits of this good Christian man. Oh, and they will win in sports too. Forgot about that one.

Oh, and if they need a teacher, Amy Beck will be available in 10 months. And if they need a school hall monitor, William Dickson Jr. just resigned and is also available.

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