Saturday, May 1, 2010

Me n' Bill Moyers

I noticed I have written 129 posts. 129 random bits of stuff I felt compelled to put down and made available for all to see. No one reads this blog except two of my "family" members and they only do it so I don't feel bad.

I continue to write it because it gives me something to do and it allows me to synthesize my thoughts on a topic. Because I force my self to cite the information I use to counter something, I become better informed. Case in point was my post on "cop killer bullets."

I think there is a need for all different takes on things, especially from honest brokers which is what I am trying to be. I have no self-serving agenda - no dog in any one particular hunt. I am pro humanity, against torture, and think we have both a moral and social obligation towards one another.

You can call me a parent, a husband, a teacher, a mentor because I want to be those things, even though I fall short. I am not a conservative but neither do I want to be called a liberal. I am not idealogical except on two points - I believe that man can be better and you can engineer out most problems. My views are changeable based on where the data takes me unless they conflict fundamentally with what I am.

When it's all said and done I want to be remembered in a similar manner as Bill Moyers who will be retiring this year:
Assessing Moyers' work in the L.A. Times recently, Neal Gabler wrote: There's no shortage of loudmouths on television. There is, however, a very short supply of soft-spoken moralists: exactly one. Moyers can speak truth to power precisely because his motives are unimpeachable, his independence firmly established, his respect for ideas and thought amply demonstrated.
Hopefully "being remembered" wont be for 25 or more years, but that's what I want my rambling to be seen as.



Kevin said...

I dont think its rambling..simply becuase your blog hasnt picked up in viewers doesnt really mean that no one reads or that the value of your ideas is compromised and or devalued in some way. Moreover, is it not more behooving to be less known and say as you wish or perhaps be popular and have nothing but nothing more than a hollow message? I know you know that no matter how popular your medium becomes the better or more pure your message will become, but I can more than understand the want and need for validation or refutation by fellow trying at lest :)Try not to get discouraged as a know you wont...but you ramblings as you so put it is enjoyed by at least me

Jeff said...

Thank you Kevin.