Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fix It....Phase III


OK - so I have tried. I tried to give them a chance to fix it, I tried to give them a chance to tell me that my eyeballs were important to them. I tried. Now it's on to Phase III.

Remember how I said they won't like Phase III? Well this has been going on since the Winter Olympics, I have sent two emails which you can read here and here. I received no response from Corporate NBC to my email. (Note to businesses - placate your dissatisfied customers). So I went right to the top sending a letter mind you - typed, signed, and placed in a typed envelop with a real stamp.

Here is what I sent along with a copy of the two emails:
April 4, 2010

Mr. Jeff Zucker
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Dear Mr. Zucker;

My recent attempts to get a transmission problem fixed (see attached) has resulted in no action by the local station and no response from your corporate office, so I am addressing this all the way to the top in hopes that maybe with your encouragement this can get fixed. All I am asking is that someone at NBC have a bit of pride in their product and get the lips to match the voices. It is difficult to watch your programs with this taking place and, in my opinion, you are selling a flawed product to those that are advertising in the College Station/Bryan Texas area. Would you please find a competent engineer to fix it.

Thank you

Today is April 23. I think I have waited long enough for a response. Nothing. You were a fool to ignore me Mr. Zucker! A fool! I warned you about Phase III (queue evil laugh) didn't I? I did not want to go there - I tried, but now NBC has forced my hand.

I want the lips to match the speech. You won't listen to me, so maybe you will listen to your advertisers - the ones I am now going to send silly emails telling them how NBC is ripping them off by selling them air time on a technically broken transmission.

First group of advertisers will be the local guys, because on top of my silly email I send I am going to tell them I will not patronize their stores or buy their products until they get NBC to fix this problem.

Seems harsh? Well you know that woman scorned hell hath no furry saying? Well try ignoring me and see what you get. Like I said I tried.

That's Phase III - you want to try for Phase IV? I am ready to go all the way with this. Seems silly and petty but it's the point now. Oh, and just so you know - I may get nowhere with Phase III, but there is a chance that one of your advertisers will take me serious. If it were me I sure wouldn't want that happening especially with the dismal line of shows you think make for good TV.

So on to Phase III - I will make a list of every advertiser that sponsors the Biggest Loser. From that list I will send an email telling them how NBC does not care about me as a viewer and potential customer for the product they are wanting to sell me.

If I was a betting man, I would say the odds of one of their advertisers listening to me is very likely.

We will see.....we will see (queue ending dramatic music)


Kevin said...

quite sad what laziness produces. I begs an interesting question many other people this problem affects? have you tried to see who else might have this problem because I am still not that convinced its a NBC CBS thing. Then again I could be completely and vehemently wrong =P

Jeff said...

The BCS board has brought this up as well. We all need to take this to the next level to get them off their butts and to fix it. I will be asking for followers if Phase III does not get results.