Monday, April 19, 2010

That's Christian with a capital C

On my way to Gatesville - nothing on the radio, spin the dial and hit a christian radio talk show channel. Oh, I could go on and on about how untrue this "truth" program was, but I have already soiled these pages with enough examples.

So my wife ran in this 6K run in downtown Houston, the Dow Live Earth. This race was designed to bring home the plight of how far - on average - some people have to go for clean drinking water.

Now Dow sponsors this because they make a number of products designed to clean contaminated water. This is where corporations can really make a difference, it's kind of a social responsibility thing where there are lots of benefits. Yay Dow!

So as my wife's pit crew, I am waiting around for her to return and I check out the different booths set up promoting this cause. I am approached by a young lady names Shannon Storssner with a group called Living Water. She asks me to sign a petition asking that 500 million be spent for clean water projects.

No I am a skeptical person when it comes to causes. I don't trust the salesman thinking them more interested in self profit over common good. So I had my "you can't sell me nothin' car salesman" face on. Got to work on that - it makes me seem unapproachable.

Well Shannon was not deterred and told me everything her group did as well as why the petition was important. I come to find out later that Living Water is a Christian organization - and yes, if you read my blog you know I can be harsh on religious groups and people.

But that's the thing, I am critical of those who talk, hype, instigate, and are hypocrites. My beef is not against Christians, or Religion, or Conservatives, or Tea Partiers, it's against loud mouth greedy people who choose to be ignorant or promote a their way or the highway agenda.

Shannon was real, her cause was real and her devotion to it real, and in that sense she was Christlike, the way I understand a Christian to be. 500 million is a lot of money and I am not sure where it would come from. But if part of my taxes are used to provide clean drinking water to my fellow man, count me in.

I signed the petition - not because I'm a liberal tax and spend kind of guy, but because Shannon earned my trust and she felt it to be a human - i.e. Christian - thing to do.

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