Friday, April 2, 2010

You don't get it do you?

The Eagle's "Cardinals defend pope on church abuse scandal" gives a pretty good picture as to what is wrong with the Catholic church. I grew up Catholic and never had any complaints about my experience, but looking back it is now obvious that any entity is only as good as the people who run it.

We don't - regardless of geography - put the best and brightest in place. That's what we hope happens, but the reality is that to move up in any bureaucracy - and there is no bigger one than the Catholic church - you gotta play the game.

Being a good game player does not necessarily equate to being wise, smart, aware, or even competent. But that's how most folks move up through the ranks. Now I don't know the Pope or any of these Cardinals, Bishops, or Priests so I cant really say who is, and who is not good at what they do.

What I do know is that how the Catholic Church has handled the sexual abuse by its clergy has been disappointing. Now they are in a particularly difficult situation here, caught between the mandate to absolve one of their sins - regardless how heinous and the need to protect their flock and holdings.

But I am more and more convinced that they really do not get what has taken place, still takes place, and will take place in the future.
[Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn] had also reflected on the issue at a Wednesday evening service: "I admit that I often feel a sense of injustice these days. Why is the church being excoriated? Isn't there also abuse elsewhere? ... And then I'm tempted to say: 'Yes, the media just don't like the church! Maybe there's even a conspiracy against the church?' But then I feel in my heart that no, that's not it."
Why is the church being excoriated?: Because you - the leadership - have ignored it -participated in it - denied it - allowed it to perpetuate for decades. Don't you get it? You are the church, not a business or a club or a group of uneducated people. You represent the path to God. You mishandled this problem for many, many years and it ruined many, many innocent lives. Why didn't you fix the problem you knew was taking place?

Isn't there also abuse elsewhere?: Really? Are you serious? To repeat: You are the Church, you - of all people - must rise above hurtful degenerate behavior like this. We are not talking about random incidents here - this was pervasive and known all the way up to the top. And you did nothing - you failed your flock and the people that depended on you for leadership, compassion, Godliness, spirituality, all the things that should be in a Priest. You abused not just children but trust. Your sins are worst than the same sin committed by most all others. You were supposed to be men of God.

You guys really don't get it do you?

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Kevin said...

Remember, when you are infallible you pick and choose how and what you react to. After all, why validate a recurring problem in an institution whose sole purpose is to be infallible and to make sure that everyone else does the same. What is worse is the fact that the church knows that they are more than capable of surviving and even worse willing to let it happen again and again, because when you are an institution thats sole purpose is control and faith, the faithful, through faith will stay. Not so much that they are told or threatened but instead faith and forgiveness. which is an interesting point to raise. does the church believe they can get away with this or believe it is a non issue because of thier concept of forgiveness? can these sins in thier eyes be fogiven over and over again. however at the same time, how does it take for a flock to lose it faith, no matter how many times it forgives. maybe that is the biggest question of all. Probably not, its cause of them gays anyway :P