Monday, April 5, 2010

Fix It.....Phase II

OK, I am trying. Sent the following last week on Sunday. One week later - no response from the folks at corporate NBC. So on to Phase II.5 - like I said, I am trying to get this fixed in a much more calm and collective way. But I aim to play hardball if that's the way they want it. So today I wrote a letter (on paper!) addressed to Jeff Zucker the CEO of NBC. I'll drop it in the mail Monday and will post it if I still don't get a response. No response - move to Phase III, like I said, they will not like Phase III. All they have to do is fix it.

Here is what I sent NBC in an email ( Sunday:


At the end of this email is the email I sent to the local station - KCEN - responsible for broadcasting NBC through our cable provider, Suddenlink. At this point in time the same issue with lips not matching the voices is still going on. It has been over a month since I voiced my complaint but this issue has been dragging on for longer than that. I am not the only one complaining in College Station/Bryan Texas.

KCEN TV told me in a phone call the next day that the problem with lip syncing was not theirs but was a corporate problem from your feed to them. OK, so fix it. Nobody at KCEN has been able to get you to fix this problem, so I thought I would give it a try. Now I have been watching TV for a long time. Rabbit ears were able to get voices to sync with lips - unless it was a Japanese monster movie. So how come in the age of computers and digital, and fiber optics, and satellites, guys can't get voices to sync with lips?

I would be curious to know how disappointed the folks spending their advertising dollars with you would be should I need to take my complaint to get this problem fixed to them?

Anyway something to chew on while you work this out.



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