Friday, April 16, 2010

That important intelligence is most likely false

So Star Parker in her article made a couple of statements that cited no source or were not backed up:
There is a reason why eight of 10 Americans say that our nation is on the wrong track.
So I went looking for this 8/10 poll that was done. Best I could find was a CBS poll done in April of 2008. Then I got to thinking about what she was stating - that 8 out of 10 folks think we're on the wrong track. She's right, I think we are on the wrong track, for completely different reasons then she does. I would answer the pollster correctly if that was how the question was asked.

That's the interesting thing about using statistics - you can spin it anyway you want to as long as you report the exact numbers. What they mean can be completely masked by how they are presented or in what context.

So, not knowing what the "wrong track" means, I can only speculate that it is the same reasons I feel that way. There is an atmosphere of distrust perpetuated by some who want their way. There is an atmosphere of fear creeping through our society that could lead to a mob mentality outcome. There is a movement to do away with justice and hand convictions out to those we deem must be guilty. There is violence threatened and put forth towards our elected officials. There is uncivil behavior towards those who do not share the same view. There is the denial of a basic human right to love and join with the person of your choosing.

There is a group - a large group - that believes it knows what is best and it aims to bully and force its wants and needs on everyone else. And for that reason I think our nation is on the wrong track. No fact checking needed I guess, I am pretty sure that 8/10 feel the wrong track analogy is in place.

What else...what else....oh:
Senator Tom Coburn [w]rote recently how he saved a patient's life by identifying a cancer using a procedure that most likely would not have been permitted under the government health care bureaucracy we are about to have. Senator Coburn has supplied us with important intelligence. Americans should know that the government rationed health care we're about to get will "not only reduce the quality of life, but their life spans as well."
Oh really? "Most likely" and you base this on what? - where in the bill does it say health care will be rationed? And, why do you think it is not being rationed now? Do you think the health insurers pay for every procedure you or your doctor wants? Read your policy knucklehead. Where in the bill - which is now law - does it create a situation where the quality of life and life spans will be reduced? Why would you print something like this as a statement of fact?

It does not, and you know it - or at least should know it. But like everything else I have read on your web page, you're nothin' but another empty suit. If you don't like the bill, state why, if you are fearful of these things happening - state that - but this bold statement couched with "most likely" really shows your true colors. You perpetuate mistruths and fear to further your own agenda - mainly your success on the speaking circuit. It's all about you isn't it?

If you really care about being a good politician you will learn the difference between rhetoric and truth unless, like I suspect, all you give a shit about is being in power and being seen as a player.

I am so done with you...Next!

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