Sunday, August 8, 2010

Close: Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Mosques

I have been following the" Mosque near Ground Zero"  discussion for a bit now.  I can understand the feelings presented, but I take a view that transcends that and follows a more pragmatic look.

You are ether for freedom of religion or you are not.

Yes there are sensibilities at play here, real ones, but there is also plane bigotry and xenophobic attitudes in play as well.  My opinion falls along the same reasoning as Leonard Pitts elaborated in a recent column of his.

So lets call a spade a spade on this.  Opposition to the mosque for the most part is simply predicate on the fact that the terrorists that brought done the World Trade Center were Muslims.  Muslims go to Mosques, therefore Mosques are associated with terrorism.   Bottom line - we don't want ANY Mosques because we don't want Muslims - because Muslims believe in Islam and Islam instructs their followers to kill non-believers, which they did  on September 11.  Never mind the fact that they also killed Muslims in that attack as well - but that's for another discussion on the illogical nature of an ideological view of the world.

The reason given that the Mosque is being built on Ground Zero is one that might - might hold water.  I mean c'mon guys - lets be sensitive here.  But look at where the Mosque is actually being built.

And here is a photo of the sacred area it will be built at:

I don't know, seems a stretch for me if one really believes in our Constitution.  Like I say, you are either for freedom or you are not.  And if you are not, you better be honest enough with yourself to say why.  And if it's because you hate Muslims then so be it.  I mean who are you trying to convince here?  Do you think Jesus is somehow being snookered with how you really feel about your brother?

(Photo and map from Richard Adams Blog)

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