Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Marry Poppins you are not welcome here!


I can't ignore the stupidity....I try...really.....but it is prevalent more and more.  I won't even go into the poll numbers showing the stupidity of my fellow citizens who think Obama is either not an American Citizen or is a closet Muslim.  Were not talking about the outer tail of the bell curve, but lots and lots of really stupid and ignorant people.  And no matter what you tell them or show them, they just keep up the dumbness.

So I am reading the Dallas Morning News and I come across this little diddy that screams for a I did.

Real threat is nanny state
I am going to have an omelet, eat from the drive-through menu, drive a Toyota, eat spinach and apples, try to get the flu, look for a pelican soaked in crude oil, breathe some air and exhale some carbon dioxide as my bucket list issues, because these things apparently are going to get me. 
Let me tell you what is life-threatening -- this nanny, whining, wimpy, "goody two shoes" country we have become. When we decide that the new epidemic really is government intrusion in our lives, we will begin to feel a whole lot better. Bon appetite. 
Jim Janusz, Richardson
And here is my response sent to the Dallas Morning News about 5 minutes ago:

So Jim Janusz thinks we have become a "nanny state" (Letters 8/24/10) because our government works to prevent citizens from consuming E. coli contaminated spinach or salmonella infected eggs; cleans oil soaked birds; and works to prevent a flu pandemic.  I am unsure how Mr. Janusz could argue that - at the very least - the Constitution's welfare clause does not provide a valid excuse for our government to protect the health of its citizens.  Perhaps Mr. Janusz is instead arguing for a more Darwinian approach for society, that is, let them get sick and die, allowing for the strong to survive.  
If this be the case, then in the event that Mr. Janusz were to suffer a heart attack, I would hope he forgoes calling 9-1-1 and asking for a nanny-state provide paramedic to keep him alive.  At the very least this would save him the embarrassment of looking whiny and wimpy.  At the very best, it would take him - and his silly notion of what constitutes government intrusion - out of the gene pool.

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