Thursday, August 26, 2010

Smart Makes a (good!) Comeback


Reading makes me begat stuff, and I came across a website while looking up what the definition of "Public Welfare" means in the Constitution's welfare clause.  Found an interesting site, but the guy's bias shows through on his interpretations - however, a lot of the comments - both for/against - are really insightful .  But there is always one...that requires me to go a googlin' and a begatin':
P.S., with regard to recent revelations that Obama said that the Constitution is "deeply flawed" because the framers were "blind" and that the "constraints" they placed in it are impeding "spreading the wealth," it seems his goal is to rewright the Constituion or at least to "reinterpret" it out of existence.
Did Obama really say that?  I don't know why I just can't accept it as factual....but there are too many idiots out there making stuff up a'la' Fox News.  So I used the search terms:
Obama said that the Constitution is "deeply flawed"
Got a bunch of blogs that all seem to have the quote...I choose:
Barack Obama Wants SCOTUS To “Break-Free” From Constitution ...Oct 27, 2008 ... He called the Constitution a deeply flawed document – this IS the ... He simply said the Warren Court didn't break free of the basic ...
Which lead me to a website called "Argue with Everyone" and a post is by a guy named "naturemomma" where he quotes the 2001 radio interview and then (surprise, surprise) completely misunderstands the comments made and even makes stuff up.  Well another poster named "Smart Makes a Comeback" will not let this go unchallenged.  Some really funny stuff gets bantered back and forth.

smart makes a comeback 
You have no idea what any of that means do you ?
Nevermind..clearly you dont
You read a blog that told you it meant he wanted to change the constitution, you saw the word "redistribution" you dont know any better, so you ran with it.
My I suggest you get a smart friend to help you define some of the terms and put that intervirew into prospective. You will feel really stupid when you find out he was actually taking on a conservative point of view, but at least you wont go on spreading stuipidty and humiliating yourself even more

Argue with some..IGNORE the stupid
'nough said....

smart makes a comeback
I know...but I was trying to be charitable and help you out.

Ever wonder why EVERYTHING Obama Biden time says, is "taken out of context" or "misinterepreted"?
Because he is lying you idiot!
In 2001, he wasn't watching what he said. He wasn't on good behavior, nor was he attempting to hide what he actually thought.
You people are incredibly niave and stupid.

"Words mean precisely what I want them to mean, neither more nor less" said Humpty Dumpty to Alice.
So redistribution does not mean redistribution it means?????????????????
If I said I think Smart Makes a Come Back is a socialist turd I think she/he/it would see the negative in that statement and "run with it"

C'mon now nathan, you know you can't use common sense with stupid-is-as-stupid-does. 
Words mean nothing to these people. And neither do actions... So I really don't know how they decided on the character of this man. 
......Ahhhh, this must be where the, "hope and change" thing comes in! 

smart makes a comeback
Nathan, once again, your home schooling by illiterates betrays and fails you.
I understand, the entire interview and it’s content are far over your head, but you when you take your cue from idiot talk radio, faux noise, whacky right wing blogs, and blithering dundereads like naturemomma and parrot what you hear, you display your ignorance all too graphically.

Excuse me you arrogant and condescending bimbo but if the man says he believes in redistribution and that the courts need to do more and the Constitution only tells us what the government can't do then what exactly am I supposed to believe. Its not an issue of talk radio (and since I never listen to NPR I don't listen to idiot talk radio in any event) or right wing blogs (which I don't read), its an issue of reading the words and hearing the words and gaining an understanding from what is actually said, not what some commentator tells me that I should have heard.
I am able to read and understand. If the left is so esoteric that we cannot understand their true meaning that perhaps the left should say what it really means in less "nuanced" phrasing.

smart makes a comeback
Except that is not what he said you pathetic mouth breathing it seems you clearly are NOT able to read and understand 
"Nuanced" phrasing ? 
hahahahahaha !!!!!!!!
A reasonably intelligent 10th grader could understand that what he said was, that contrary to the belief of some, the courts did not engage in such activism.
Read and listen to what people say...Not what Limbaugh and Hannity TELL you they wont look so silly
Good GAWD…can these people be THIS stupid ?

Good GAWD indeed!

Oh, and by the Obama never said the Constitution is "deeply flawed"

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Yes he did, you dumbfuck.