Sunday, August 22, 2010

A penny for you NOT to share your thoughts

So a guy I work with with was told by the organization we work for to "cease and desist" on posting his opinions and thoughts on the internet - particularly on FaceBook.

It seems he has some pretty strong opinions about stuff and people, especially if you are not white.  He, unfortunately shares the same views of many of the folks I work with.  It is unbelievable that  in 2010 the term "nigger" is used often enough that it seems almost normal.

Now I don't work with a bunch of uneducated bubbas.  These guys are smart guys who have held high positions in companies and municipalities.  And it's not their age either - they are not that much older than me...and some are younger.  Blame it on the South?

So do I say anything?  Nope.....just let it pass or meekly make a semi-joking comment about being PC.  In my next life I want God to give me balls.....that and enough money to walk away from a work environment filled with bigots, haters, and hypocrites.....but I digress.

So back to the guy that got told to cease and desist.  Seems he's back on.  And good for him.  Despite the idiotic crap he types, I get more bent out of shape with having to conform with what my place of business finds acceptable on non-business hours.  He's entitled to his opinion, just like I am entitled to write mine in this blog that no one reads.  That's what it truly means to have a right to speech.

To shut him up because he offends is wrong since it draws a line in the sand which says this passes and this shall not.  Now I understand from their point of view they don't want to be associated with a guy like him.  But would they want to be associated with a guy like me?  I am not the same as them....liberal is what you would call me...but I am much more pragmatic in my approach to accept that term freely.

And there on my Facebook page (yeah I "friended" him knowing full well what he writes) came this little diddy - which I won't even try to counter since it's not worth the effort.
That extra gust of hot air felt by many Texans today was just the Oblamer Man running his crap hole about Bush. Look what happened to JFK when he came to Dallas and people LIKED him. Get your Muslium lovin ass outta Texas and go back to the filth of your home lamd......Kenya. You poor pitiful excuse for a human being. I long for the day youre ridin in that Pine Box.
And here's the real kicker on this......I will get a Christmas card from him with 8 pound baby Jesus and Mary on it telling me God loves me by giving the world his son.

It just don't make no sense.

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Kevin said...

It never has to make you are ignorant and willing to harbor those kind of thoughts and feelings. People read your blog! Like me ! :D Its very hard for images to not come into my head just from what I read! thats all very pathetic!